River of Life

    collaborative revival movement

  • Holy Spirit flowing through his people

  • with Kingdom creativity, ministry, innovation, solutions & entrepreneurism

  • bringing an awakening of dreams, hope, love, wholeness & life 

  • through the arising Bride of Christ!


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Coming Up 

Sharon is helping Theresa Dedmon with Create Academy Live Online Thursday evenings 7-8:30pm mtn time. It is an amazing way to grow in your Holy Spirit-led creativity & Kingdom assignments. Created to Be Free starts Dec 1st.


Ignite - Your God-Given Creative Design & Destiny! Online Conference with Theresa Dedmon & Friends. Jan 28th 9-6pm Mtn Time 


Converge - uniting streams to create a river of impact in Colorado. conference. The Rock Feb 8-11 therock.org/converge

Possible River of Life Gathering, Worship & Prayer sets & Home Group in the Spring TBA 

400 Gathering Colorado pastors, leaders & intercessors The time has come for the Church to be one.



Communion Colorado was a powerful shift many will refer back to for some time. You can see the replay at


God bless you abundantly! Praying you continue to awaken your creativity with The Lord. Let's keep pressing into Him. The Lord is so very good! 





are Holy Spirit led Kingdom gatherings 
with worship & flowing with the Holy Spirit 

to activate Jesus lovers
into the good works & callings 
The Lord has prepared. 
A time for rivers of living water
to increase through the Bride of Christ
as we rise up into our destinies!

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About River of Life

Sharon Metzger Neve facilitates River of Life with the support of her husband Bob Neve, family & friends, and is covered by Mike Polhemus and Marcus Meier, The Rock Church in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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Special thanks to those that
make River of Life 
 River of Life family & friends,
prayer team & donors
The Rock Church
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