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God's heART


The God's Heart for Colorado painting is a visual collaborative artistic representation of what the Lord is doing & what he wants to do in Colorado.

It is being said that the God‘s Heart for Colorado painting is like a treasure map! It beckons the curious to come, explore with the Lord - to discover His revelations, mysteries & divine purposes! 

12 artists from along the Front Range sought the Lord for his guidance & vision regarding what to paint. The result is fascinating, as the artists, led by the Holy Spirit & in flow with one another - created with The Creator! 

  1. Transformation - Deborah Studebaker  

  2. Blessed to be a Blessing & Mountains of cultural influence- Pamela Bennett 

  3. Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Kris Storey 

  4. Heart on Fire - The anointing oil saturating, healing the broken heart, setting the heart on fire - Kimberley Cates 

  5. Wells of Revival: Ancient untapped wells are being opened & are overflowing creating waves of his glory & revival - Sarah Keesen  

  6. Redeeming Children, Redeeming Family & Redeeming The Generations - Margie Kiddy

  7. Shout for Freedom- Scarlett Holy

  8. Outpouring - Sharon Metzger Neve 

  9. Beautiful promise rainbow. God never changes! Breathing in his goodness - Lori Vafiades 

  10. Arm of Jesus, “Fresh Ink” - Sarah Joy

  11. Flower petals & feathers. A collection of many makes flight possible. Gather connect fly -  Elizabeth Lutz

  12. Bloom Abundantly - Anonymous 

   * Arabella, 10 years old - helped with the rainbow 

   * Noa, 1 month old - Baby’s Hand  “movement”

Special thanks to:

  * Tim Curtis of John Curtis Design, Centennial CO 

  * Theresa Dedmon of Create Academy online

Check back on this page for more information about the canvas. We'll be adding more depth for greater revelation regarding what the Lord wants to do in Colorado! Note: We would love to hear what the Lord shows you as well. Please send us your thoughts & comments! 

A few prayer points to help you contend in intercession for Colorado: 

*  Transformation: from darkness to light, from death to life  

*  Freedom & Healing for the broken hearted & redemption for Children, Families & the Generations 

*  Jesus Lovers strategically, successfully effect the Mountains of cultural influence by the anointing of Holy Spirit 

*  The spiritual wells open & overflow creating waves of his Glory, Revival & an Outpouring of the Spirit of God 

*  The Bride of Christ arising & because of Love, doing the dreams The Lord has put in her heart  - Isaiah 35


River of Life Facebook Group

Please click the button below to join the private River of Life Facebook group and share your prayers, testimonies, insights etc regarding the God's Heart for Colorado painting! 


Key prophetic words for Colorado

  • Isaiah 35, prophetic Scripture for Colorado 

  • word from Dan Yeackley: Colorado will not get what we deserve. But also, Colorado will not be saved because of our own righteousness. The Lord’s will is to save, rescue & redeem Colorado because of his Love and Mercy. We agree and cry out, have your way Lord.  “In love and mercy, a throne will be established; in faithfulness a man will sit on it - one from the house of David - one who judges and speeds the cause of righteousness.”  -Isaiah 16:5

Concrete Wall
Canvas Tour 2023-2024

The vision is for the "God's Heart for Colorado" collaborative art piece to be in prayer rooms & places of worship  to inspire intercession for God’s purposes for Colorado. The painting will be in different locations around the state, traveling to various locations until it runs its course and settles wherever the Lord leads. Contact Sharon to request having the canvas at your location.

The God's Heart for Colorado canvas is a project of 

River of Life

    collaborative revival movement

  • Holy Spirit flowing through his people

  • with Kingdom creativity, ministry, innovation, solutions & entrepreneurism

  • bringing an awakening of dreams, hope, love, wholeness & life 

  • through the arising Bride of Christ!


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