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Breakouts #1
3:00pm-4:30pm Saturday, January 15th

Saturday after lunch we'll have a main session in the student auditorium from 1:15pm-3:00pm

  • worship with Worship Mob's Sean Mulholland & Aaron McClain & Friends 

  •  panel discussions with our breakout leaders

Then we will have breakouts for the rest of the afternoon
3-4:30PM Breakout Session 1
4:30-6PM Breakout Session 2

Sign up for breakout sessions at the registration table at the conference starting at 5:30pm Friday. Consider which breakouts you would like to attend with back up options, as the size of the breakouts will be limited, but there will be room for everyone to attend two breakouts. 

Breakouts 1
Saturday, January 15th

Chuck Mc Callum:  Demonstrating the Kingdom  in the Marketplace (Prayer room) 

Annette Biggers: Strategies for Transformation (Chapel)

Melissa Dittrich: Time to Prophecy: Changing Lives with Holy Spirit & a Sketchpad  (room 5) 

Ann Mack: Worship Dance with Fabric & Flags (Rock house) 

Lynne Hart:  Joy: Our Secret Weapon! (room 6) 

Michelle Chamberlain: Creating on Creation with your Creator (Den) 

Breakouts 2
Saturday, January 15th

Chuck McCallum:  Bringing a Kingdom Idea to Reality in your Sphere of The influence (Prayer room) 

Annette Biggers: Strategies for Transformation (Chapel)

Melissa Dittrich:  Time to Write: Overcoming Resistance with Joy (room 5) 

Ann Mack: Engaging the Heart in Worship & Dance (Rock house) 

Tracy Fox: Businistry – Where Heaven Invades the Marketplace (room 6) 

Sean  Mulholland & Aaron McClain & Friends: Flowing in Prophetic Song (room 2) 

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The River of Life Conference
was made possible by:
* River of Life * The Rock * The Great Arising * Catalyst Business School * Infusion Church * 4TheJoy * The Dream Tree Studio * Mountain Song * Colorado Prays *

& wonderful volunteers & donors! Thank you!

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